Save All Your Money

Why would you spend a dime more than you needed to (food, shelter, occasional doctor’s visit) if you didn’t love your job? If you aren’t bonkers, head-over-heals in love with your job and you spend money on anything other than the absolute essentials aren’t you just trapping yourself? Aren’t you just delaying, or eliminating, the day you can get out of where you are and get into where you want to be? Isn’t that the American Dream? To climb up and out or in or wherever? Don’t be a consumer. You can be a consumer when you have the job you want, the lifestyle, the location the experience you want in this life. Maintain your freedom in this one life you have. Don’t be a consumer and finance the lifestyle of people with one foot in the business world and one foot in Government who want nothing more than for you and millions like you to buy things you really can’t afford so they can maintain the lifestyles they already have. Save all of it and then go do something you love and really provide value to this planet.