Maybe This Is True

“If change happens easily, it’s easily undone.  This is good when it is good and bad when it is bad.”

“Health should not be squandered.  Each day of health is a gift to be taken advantage of.  If you don’t extend your line of battle on good days what will you do on bad ones?”

“On the sunniest days, out of nowhere, a cold chill can sweep in and change the whole scene.”

“First there was intelligence, then there was morality.  Intelligence is much older than morality.”

“Laughter is the teasing-out of our intuition.  It’s already there we just didn’t see it.  Hemingway did this for us.”

“You are a child of god and you were not put here to suffer.  You were put here to acknowledge suffering, alleviate it where possible, and accept the lessons of suffering with gratitude.”

“Maturity is knowing that what you have is very good indeed, and that not having it is much worse.  Maturity is gratitude.”

“Who are you, where are you, what have you accomplished, and what does it mean?”

“In Politics, left and right exist to balance we who move forward from the middle.”

“To be at once so alive, so sentient, then to be utterly obliterated into sheer extinction is seemingly our fate.  We cannot, on our best days, comprehend this.  We rationalize into this feeling by imagining afterlives that are similarly waking and sentient as we cannot imagine its total opposite.  But what if we have it in reverse.  What if this waking state of ours is much closer to total darkness than we think?  What if we are already barely awake and that reuniting with that from which we came is not much different from this, not much of a leap?  What if the difference between being alive and being in the dark is not that great?  What if this state of sentience we call our waking state of aliveness is a 1 on a scale of 1,000,000.

“Total oblivion, then, back to zero, would not be much of a leap after all.  Which is, in the very least comforting, for change is what we fear.  Or it may be in the direction of the 1,000,000.  What if we are like a bubble of water on the crest of a wave preparing to melt back into the ocean at any moment.  Some bubbles live twice as long as others, but twice as long as a moment is still just a moment.  Did the bubble enjoy itself?  Did it matter?  What if we are completely asleep already and this waking state is the cause of our ignorance rather than a small victory over darkness?  What if we return to knowledge?  Would this be a comfort?”

“That which is perfectly random, such as the suitable conditions for the creation of life on earth, followed by the absence of things like obliterating asteroids, long enough for the eons of evolution to occur, proves that consciousness, the “you” and “me” beneath the flesh and the fear and the happiness or sadness, is an expression of universal consciousness, with the flesh and the fear and the happiness or sadness and the bodies that express it only the portals for this consciousness.  You and me, awareness, is the consciousness that inhabited us as an opportunity for expression which is no doubt happening somewhere else where conditions are suitable.  Therefore, we are related to consciousness wherever found throughout the universe, the multi-verse.  One consciousness.”

“The object of your anxiety is interchangeable.  Notice this and understand that what you are momentarily fixated on as the cause of your anxiety is not actually the cause.  The anxiety and fear are a priori rather than posteriori.  Be with it and do not associate it with things outside of you for they are not the cause, your ego is, or the animal inside of you trying to pass along genetic material with least cost or evolution in this time.  Evolution is for those who may never come, creations in the moment are for the living.”

“Ideas in our minds (people, places, things) are temporary houses for our fears, chosen at random, the way people are houses for consciousness or spirit.  They are not one and can and will be separated now or whenever you so choose.  They will and can be set free.”

“God is not unreal only because he exists in our minds.  Our minds are real and exist in the world.  Everything exists in the world.  Everything includes God.”