Relentless Nature

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Relentless Nature

Dan was the new kid at school.  In the car ride home his mom read between the lines of his silence.

She thought for a moment.  “Dan, sweetie, it’s the weirdos, the standouts, that get all the juice out of life.  It’s because of the snowball-effect.

“The snowball-effect is a variation of the greasy-wheel effect. When something stands out from the herd it gets that extra, usually unwanted, attention.  Usually the negative attention snowballs from there.  Mother Nature does this.

“But we’re all human, and sometimes we break the things we touch.  The thing just crumbles in our hands, melts like snow under the light of our gaze.  But every once in a while, something in the thing responds, is awoken, like a bud of green coaxed above a crust of sand.  One of these two things will happen, son.  Zero times is ‘normalcy’ (his mom used air quotes here) restored.

“Something new is always made.  The thing never stays the same.  It either rises past the challenge or melts like  an April frost. But the potential payout is so great it makes the risk of disaster all worth while. They are actually rooting for you, Dan.  They are your allies.  So be grateful to them, son.

“Dan, if you feel like you don’t fit in it’s because you’re right.

“Don’t be a commodity. Resist the urge to be an interchangeable cog.  No one is paying for that anyway.  You were made new, for this moment, to change the world.  That is what evolution does.  Embrace it.”

“Ok, ma.” Dan said, not fully convinced.