A Watery Eclipse

He ordered huevos rancheros and a beer for breakfast.  Above the outdoor bar, a basketball game played on the TV which no one watched.  He angled his barstool to face…

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Other 2018 Articles

Click below to read other articles from 2018 published at thelatest.com.  Thank you very much! https://thelatest.com/tlt/more-questions-in-politics-please-wall-street-politics-history-1512249568 https://thelatest.com/tlt/silicon-valley-and-the-jobs-revolution-to-come-technology-business-economics-1513088650 https://thelatest.com/tlt/the-revolution-will-not-be-televised-politics-media-tech-1513696954 https://thelatest.com/tlt/dostoevsky-american-exceptionalism-government-media-literature-1539129426 https://thelatest.com/tlt/the-front-lines-of-taxes-taxes-business-law-1514907871

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Hemingway’s Comeback

Click below to read my take on Ernest Hemingway and WWI.  Merry Christmas!   https://thelatest.com/tlt/hemingway-timely-resurgence-hemingway-wwi-peter-jackson-1545429273

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Knowing vs Understanding

(661 words) William B. Yeats—Irish poet—said John Stuart Mill—philosopher of democracy—had a good handle on where good prose comes from when he said—I’m paraphrasing—"rhetoric is spoken but poetry is overheard.”…

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Why The Routine?

Something strange happens through repetition.  Something hidden breaks free.  We know there is magic in ordinary, simple, everyday things.  The first time a child learns that what he sees and…

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